What is Monsterotica?

This event is the first of its kind bringing “monsterfudgers” from all over the country together. If you have been on Booktok lately, you know that “smut” has recently taken off in popularity. Though there are myriad book conventions out there, there were none that strictly focused on monster/alien/sentient object/etc romance and erotica.

Many of these authors attend other conventions but it can be extremely awkward try to pitch a book about a woman being railed by a kraken when the reader only reads closed door rom-coms. I saw a need for a safe and fun space for everyone who enjoys reading and writing these stories and thus Monsterotica was born!

Who is Unfortunate Reads?

My name is Cassie and you may have stumbled upon my Instagram or TikTok videos, but in case you haven’t let me introduce myself.

I am a sex positive, feminist, LGBTQIA+ ally who enjoys reading every type of smutty book - from slow burn and mafia romances to straight up gingerbread man erotica — but what I’m known for is reading the extremely weird/off the wall ones (think…clippy/door/flamingo shifter/coronavirus/etc.)

I support indie authors and love to interact with the bookstagram/booktok communities. There is no room for disparagement of books, authors, or readers on my pages. Reading is reading!

In addition to being a book nerd, I have over 20 years of experience in the event industry ranging from event photography, service roles, and corporate conference and fundraising management. The years of professional event and meeting planning experience I have mean that this convention has been planned down to the last detail. I love events and I love books - bringing the two together for an epic event is my ultimate goal!

Download the con info sheet here!

1Will this be only monster smut?
This event will focus on what we lovingly call weird smut. That includes monsters, aliens, sentient objects, demons, ghosts… the weirder the better!
2What won't I see at Monsterotica?
YA, Fantasy, Romantasy, Contemporary, Dark Romance, Closed Door, Non-Fiction We have nothing against these genres of books, but there are plenty of events around the world that focus on them. We wanted a place to celebrate just our little corner of weird.
3Why smut only?
There aren’t very many book events with a focus on both paranormal and smut. That means it can get awkward to start telling someone about your book only to realize they want a closed door romance. This way, attendees and authors know exactly what they are there for.
4Will you have vendors?
Yes! Several vendors have already expressed interest. If you would like to apply to be a vendor, please visit the Author & Vendor Packages page for more information.